What was I writing about again?😁

Chemo brain is walking into the bathroom and forgetting why you’re in there. It’s going back to your room, laying down, and remembering maybe 30 mins. later that you had to pee.

It’s opening the ‘fridge and finding your car keys along with your wallet next to the milk you just went to buy.

It’s forgetting what you were talking about halfway through a conversation and not wanting to sound stupid by asking what you were just talking about.

It’s losing your train of thought in less than a minute.

It’s forgetting the word for cupcakes so you just point at them and say “those”..

It’s forgetting the names of people you’ve known for years.

It’s feeling like there’s this fog constantly around you that doesn’t go away.

Chemo brain is forgetting words like shirt, and door and pen.

Chemo brain is forgetting that it’s winter and leaving the house without a coat.

It’s losing all sense of time.

It’s no longer being able to multi-task.

It’s forgetting to take your anti-nausea medication during chemo week and spending probably 12+ hours vomiting all the food you haven’t eaten.

It’s searching your car for your phone with the flashlight on your phone

It’s constantly reminding yourself to not get frustrated and just relax. That your body is just working twice as hard to heal itself from all the stress being caused to it.

Chemo brain is being afraid of sounding/looking dumb for forgetting so easily. It’s being afraid of annoying others if you repeat the same question or statement more than once throughout the day. It’s feeling embarrassed when you can’t think of the word for something so incredibly basic. It’s feeling frustrated when you simply cannot remember. Because the brain tumor that is residing in your head hasn’t done enough to your memory already….

Chemo brain is so so real.

So please be patient with me. It’s more frustrating for me than it is for you.


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