Jan. 24th 2019

Frustrated. I’m so frustrated. I’m frustrated that I’ve had a headache that gets worse throughout the day for a week now. I’m frustrated that I’m always so tired and exhausted. I’m frustrated that I forget what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I’m frustrated that I often feel sick to my stomach since starting chemo. I’m frustrated that water doesn’t taste good to me anymore. I’m frustrated that at 24 yrs old, my mom has to check up on me and make sure I eat. I’m frustrated that the things that calm me like guitar can’t be done…not well at least. I’m frustrated that I have to play it cool and be “strong.” I’m frustrated that people think I AM strong, when in reality, I’m more FRUSTRATED and scared than they can imagine. I’m frustrated that I’m frustrated. With myself, with cancer, with anxiety, with my brain, with my body. WITH THIS LIFE.

How do I stop feeling SO incredibly frustrated?

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Just “one of those girls” one of those strong girls.

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