Tag: Chemotherapy

Jan. 24th 2019

Frustrated. I’m so frustrated. I’m frustrated that I’ve had a headache that gets worse throughout the day for a week now. I’m frustrated that I’m always so tired and exhausted. I’m frustrated that I forget what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I’m frustrated that I often feel sick to my stomach since starting chemo.…

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I’m ready for you

There’s only a couple of hours left in this year, the year that turned my whole world upside down. The last three months have bought more tears, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, stress, and sadness than I could have ever imagined, but I have chosen to stay optimistic in 2019. Will it always be easy? Probably…

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December 6th

I haven’t had much to say for days.. honestly, I still don’t. There’s been so much on my mind that I feel like I’m missing everything going on around me. I mean, I pretty much am, being in the hospital for 6 days, and cooped up in my house for 2 now. The days seem to…

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